Joanne Keogh - Marketing Assistant

What attracted you to a career with IOP?
My background is in art. My interests lie between the communications of ‘science’ to an audience within the gallery setting. Before I came to the IOP I was working in the Science and Engineering department of Manchester Metropolitan University as the public engagement officer. This role focused on public events and I worked closely with the marketing team to develop promotional materials and resources to support these events. I wanted the opportunity to be a part of a successful science body and the prospect of being able to pull on my existing event and university experience whilst developing new skills in the Education department appealed to me.

What opportunities has working at IOP provided you with?
The training and support on offer has allowed me to formally develop my skill set in marketing. I’ve had fantastic experiences working across teams to build relationships and create new opportunities for collaboration. I was able to attend the York Summer School to support the SPN team. This allowed me to work with our remote workers and gave me an opportunity to see how a residency programme is run.

What does a usual day look like for you?
I am the marketing assistant for the IOP Teacher Training Scholarship programme. I also manage various other programmes like the School Experience Programme. The majority of my time is spent running a series of university campus based events across England.

I work with many external organisations including teacher training providers, teachers and schools, recruitment advisors and university physics departments. If I’m not at my desk planning the events, I’ll be out and about hosting them.

What do you enjoy about working at IOP?
I feel confident to perform to the best of my abilities and I know where my skills need strengthening I have the support to do so and feel comfortable in my role. The volunteering scheme allows me to explore other opportunities external to my role, developing my personal skills and interests. I’m part of the IOP cake club, running club and I’ve recently taken up climbing thanks to the experiences of my colleagues. I feel included in a strong community, which is really important for me to feel happy in my work environment.