Tom Allen - Data Analyst

What attracted you to a career with IOP?
My role at the Institute of Physics is my first permanent employment since completing my consecutive Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business Management and Economics, respectively. I was both fortunate and grateful that the IOP were willing to employ me based on my skills and knowledge which I developed and demonstrated during my studies as well as during the handful of work experience and internship roles I had after University. For me, the Institute was an attractive place to work because of its prominent and influential position in the education policy environment, whose work I can provide significant contributions to. 

What opportunities has working at IOP provided you with?
Great time and resources have been invested by the Institute into my personal development. My line manager has encouraged me to take part in various training courses, both to develop my knowledge of the education system and its data, and to enhance my data analysis skills. As well through days of training, I have been lucky to have been given invaluable support from my highly-knowledgeable and experienced colleagues, who are real experts in their respective areas of physics education.

What does a usual day look like for you?
Data is a highly-useful tool for many people who wish to guide or further-substantiate their perspectives on physics and more broadly, STEM education. This means that knowledge of the available data means I never go long without receiving a request for information, and this means I have to be efficient in the planning of my workload. These numerous requests for information can be both challenging and rewarding, as I am able to help a number of different people, whose work relates to a wide array of physics education issues.

What do you enjoy about working at IOP?
When I arrived at the Institute of Physics, the welcome I received from everyone here was so friendly. Great numbers of staff showed (and continue to show) an interest in my work, and were keen to meet with me to discuss where we could help each-other out. The Institute is a large enough organisation that we, as employees, benefit from things you might associate with larger organisations – extensive healthcare benefits, generous pension perks, a cycle to work scheme etc.

However, with the IOP being a relatively-small organisation, new employees soon get to know everyone who works here. I found I got to know the place really quickly, helped by regular social events run by the IOP Staff Association, and I am happy to say that I still find the Institute is a very friendly and sociable place to work!