Jobs at the Institute of Physics

There has never been a more important time to promote physics. As the science which really underpins our understanding of the world we live in, physics has already brought huge benefits to our society and physicists contribute enormously across the whole of our economy. Indeed, physics provides the foundation for the advances in engineering, information and communication technologies and health sciences which we rely on daily in our lives. Now it can help us tackle the great challenges we face today, in this country and internationally - climate change, energy supply, sustainable housing and transport networks.

The Institute of Physics is a leading scientific society. We are a charitable organisation, working to advance physics education, research and application. We engage with policymakers and the general public to develop awareness and understanding of the value of physics and, through IOP Publishing, we are world leaders in professional scientific communications.

We are a charitable organisation with aspirational goals. Promoting physics and supporting physicists are at the heart of all we do whether it is developing programmes to encourage more students to study physics in our schools, researching the impact of physics on the economy, promoting a code of practice to ensure equal career opportunities for women in physics, or running workshops for physicists from developing countries to help them exploit the benefits of their research. We also welcome the talents of people who are not themselves physicists to help us achieve our goals.

I hope you will join us - we would love to use your talents to support these goals. I look forward to welcoming you to the Institute and working with you in the future.


Tom Grinyer 

Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Physics