Your application

Here are a few tips about completing an application form and attending an interview that you might find useful. These are intended as guidance only as any recruitment decision of the Institute is based on a number of factors.

We will receive a large number of applications, so it's important that you make the right impression straight away. These tips should help you make a start:

  • Read all the questions carefully and make sure that you answer the question,
  • Make sure you complete all sections on the application form as clearly and fully as possible. The Institute’s online application form is very simple and straight forward,
  • Do not add lots of unnecessary information. Answer the question in a concise way, but make sure you include all your key points,
  • Think about what the Institute is looking for in a candidate. Consider the competency areas and keep this in mind when completing the application form,
  • Make sure you know about the area that you're applying for, read about it to see whether you fit the profile. Think about why you are interested in the area and why you think you are suitable for the role. If you decide that this area is not really for you once you have done your research, then it will save you a lot of time that you could have spent completing the application form and attending the interviews,
  • Each time that you claim something about a competency, e.g. ‘good at motivating people', check that you can back it up with specific evidence,
  • Remember to do a spell check and check your grammar,
  • Keep a copy of your application form so that you can expand on it in the interview,
  • Don’t be economical with the truth (i.e. don't lie) as a good interviewer will probe you for details and will be able to pick up inconsistencies with your previous answers.